Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dog Days.

Saturday started much like it ended - incredibly hot.  The only relief was brought by the fact there there was a light wind.   Although the increase in wind did destroy one of the canopies therefore decreasing the availability of shade.  Tracking seemed to have improved over the week.  There was no moisture to speak of but either the dogs are adjusting to the summer conditions or the handlers are compensating with a little additional aid.  Likely a combination of both are taking place.  There was a slightly smaller crowd at Chandler but as usual plenty of dogs to work.  Shar, Keli, and Joseph all look well on their way to achieving titles in the fall.  With all the hard work taking place, and a little bit of luck, it should be a great trial in November.  Stephen, Craig, and Monty split up the helper work and we were able to get everyone worked before we got to the hottest part of the day.  Seminar plans are still being discussed so please keep us advised as to your interest and availability.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A French Perspective.

TSC is looking at the possibility of having a seminar with Dean Calderon.  We asked our members for their thoughts and this was one of the responses:

Dear Lady and Gentlemen: I consulted with Aldo regarding his preference for seminar dates; he would prefer December, the colder weather suites his Northern France genetics and his Maine heritage. He appreciates Mr. Calderon's willingness to accommodate his schedule and looks forward to testing Mr. Calderon's ability to train a Briard. Aldo informed me he has heard rumors that Mr. Calderon has had some limited experience with a Briard of unknown origin, questionable character and limited ability and has had significant experience with such lowly beasts as Shepherds, Mals and Rotties, but he is sure that he has never met a beast of such noble character and magnificent stature, character and breeding as he shall face in the month of December--he looks forward to the challenge and hopes Mr. Calderon brings his A game.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's That?

On Saturday, we arrived on the tracking fields to find a wet foreign substance on the grass.  Apparently it was not a good substance as few dogs did well tracking on it.  Perhaps is had been too long for them to know what to make of it. Stephen's pup, Axe was the only one who did well on it. Hopefully we will see more of it in the future but we aren't holding our breathe.

We headed to Chandler Park to find the breeze was minimal with the temperatures rising and the humidity high.  Christain practiced reporting into the judge; she was concerned when she was told to drop her lead and check in with her dog heeling freely but she did well on both attempts.  Dago showed that he is doing well at learning German commands rather than Czech; perhaps he will have a future as an interpreter?  Tim came over from OKC and while it looked odd seeing him with a German Shepherd, he and Indie had a good session.  Indie looked good and his bite was full and strong. His rotties did well.  Heath and Lex over came their less successful tracking to have a solid obedience session and a good protection session; possibly his best session as he maintained his focus and grip was good. Rebecca and Addie had strong ob and prot sessions.  Addie was looking strong in protection by fighting on the sleeve but keeping her grip full.  I guess Rebecca's hard work in the gym is transferring to her dog. Kilo showed Shanna that he is understanding the distance she wants him while doing the hold & bark.  It was good to see Jim and his dogs; both looked good after such a long lay-off. Joseph and Kita were back after Kita's health set back with a broken tooth and leg injury; neither seems to have lessened her enthusiasm. Everyone did a good job of keeping themselves and their dogs hydrated.  The Burgins helped with that by supplying the pool. Our late lunch at McDonald's was a time to cool off and discuss training.